Thursday, December 22, 2016

You Must Find Happiness Right Where You Are

I'm aware I owe the world more blog, but this is all I could do for now. Stay tuned.

Yesterday I was reunited with Kara, one of my very favourite human beings in the entire world (and not just the Disney World). I tracked her down at Animal Kingdom with Mandy and Sabrina, more of my favourite humans, and we lunched and rode Dinosaur (I think for the first time since my tour?) and had the most Lion King-esque safari ever. There were seriously animals just everywhere. We saw a giraffe following a water buck around and it was adorable but probably abnormal. I met up with Matt and Mike in the evening for a surprise tour to Celebration, wherein an entire block (well, eleven houses) have been all super-decked out with lights and lasers and screens (and SANTA AND OLAF WERE THERE), rumour has it by an imagineer. I was obviously beside myself since I think this is the closest you can get to the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights nowadays (may Christmas World of Color at Disneyland). It was incredible and not at all cold, although we did see a few people in earmuffs. Can you not, it's like 16 degrees out.

We're pretty good, sure as you're born. 
Maybe Primeval Whirl will take us back to when we all worked together?
On the 20th after work, Sarah and I ran some "errands" at Magic Kingdom. I know, hard life. Really though she had a return or two and we both had some shopping to do. I've actually only purchased one gift this year, as my arrival squad is doing its own secret Santa and I need my secret Santa recipient to feel loved. Because she is. Obviously we got some rides in there too, to break up the monotony of MK (I'm laughing so hard right now). We had the singular most enthusiastic audience in Country Bear Jamboree since Morgan's last day. I swear there must have been a planned meeting of its fan club because we were all so about it and I couldn't have been happier. Additionally, Sarah hasn't done Country Bear Jamboree on our contract, so it was time. We also took in the Tiki Room as a Disneyland throwback and the People Mover because we love it and it amuses me greatly to ride with Sarah. Sarah was going to stick around to see Holiday Wishes but it turns out that only happens on Fridays and Saturdays so I brought her along to Beaches & Cream, where we met Nicole and a few of the attractions girls to conquer the Kitchen Sink. Basically it's the largest dessert I've ever seen and they do a huge announcement and flashing lights are involved. We almost entirely finished it but by the end we had no love left for mint or strawberry ice cream.

This way to... photos no one pays for?
Sarah and I and a Gingerbread Carousel.
The Kitchen Sink... as in, contains everything but.
Nicole is the intrepid first scooper.
On the 19th, Rachel, Sarah and I had an early Christmas dinner celebration at Mama Melrose's at Hollywood Studios. We filled up on carbs (taking home leftovers to leave room for dessert) and, since everyone was at Fantasmic, the park was nearly empty and very spooky. Especially since it had rained and stopped since we ate, so it was foggy as well. You don't know spooky Disney until you're seen a foggy AT-AT staring at you.

Too spoopy.

On the 17th, Matt and I made our third trip to Port Canaveral together to see our fairy favourite crew member, Alex. As we've both done full ship tours this year, we had the chillest visit ever: giant buffet lunch at Cabanas followed by endless napping and resting up on Deck 13 by Satellite Falls. It was amazing and I loved every relaxed minute of it. Although I did get abandoned momentarily on Deck 13 but it turns out Matt and Alex were fetching caffeine so that was acceptable.

Me, Minnie Mouse, and much Christmas decor.
Chats with Nigel and Matt. He'll hate this picture. 
On December 15th, Sarah and I decided to do a Disneyland reunion tour. I realize I haven't written about Disneyland yet but I'll get there maybe. We got all decked out in our Disneyland hats, our Disneyland shirts, and Sarah had her Disneyland map and buttons, and we set out looking as confused as humanly possible as our brains overlaid Magic Kingdom and Disneyland in one giant magical conglomeration. We did things like ride Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and pretend it was Snow White's Scary Adventure, as well as riding Splash Mountain and acting very confused as to why we were beside each other and not in single file. We may have crossed the line in Disney hipster-dom but I maintain that Photopass was very amused by our antics. Oh and we had lunch at Be Our Guest. Our stamina has run down since actual Disneyland however, since by the time we hit up the People Mover (and Sarah found out I'm not to be trusted on the People Mover), we were downright exhausted. Oh but I saw Rogue One that night at 1130, and although I have no idea how I stayed awake for it, I was very smug about having seen it first the next day (me to Guests: "Oh you haven't seen Rogue One yet? I have.")

This is the most appropriate picture from this interaction.
We were all a little Goofy. 
Sarah and I being very confused in the back row.
Wednesday the 14th was one of the happiest and saddest days of my program. Actually probably my life (my life is Disney programs). Wednesday the 14th was my arrival squad's Service Celebration. Justine, Nicole, Sarah and I got beautifully dolled up and at the crack of 11, lined up again and again to receive our graduation ears (complete with golden tassel), our completion certificate (although we haven't completed anything yet), our obligatory photo with graduation gown-clad Mickey and Minnie Mouse, our memory boxes (which really need to be bigger), our Domino's pizza (a staple of housing events) and one hilarious group photo with Pluto and Goofy. Sarah, our Disney champion, decided to stick around for a photo with the elusive but creepy Dumbo, so the rest of us napped until she returned. We obviously dined at Steak & Shake before going to Magic Kingdom, where we got our absolutely mandatory castle and purple wall picture, and we got our ear hats embroidered. We returned to Chatham and drank much wine and many rounds of Cards Against Humanity before a not-too-late bedtime. The end is near, fam, and I don't like it.

The best squad, the purplest wall. 
The bosses are proud but ready to have me deported.
Where all the poor grads go to eat.

I'm hoping to have another productive afternoon wherein I get more blog written. There's a big gap in time between my last post and this one and I'll get to it. I'm running out of time though and I'm really feeling the stress. Thanks for understanding. Love you all.

See you real soon!


Magical Moment: I know I haven't mentioned Disneyland at all yet, but I met Casey from ParkBoundButtons there, and she returned to Disney World and I saw her again! Good seeing you, girl, thanks for the magical moment.

Pixie Dust to: My arrival squad. I only see one of you every day but I love you all equally and I can't imagine the day when you won't all be together at Magic Kingdom anymore.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

If You Aren't Shaking, There's Something Very Wrong

Greetings friends!

Pardon the rather hastily written post, but tonight I am off on an adventure, and I felt some reading material for my fans might be necessary until my return. Sarah and I are off to the original Happiest Place on Earth, and we leave very soon, that's right Disneyland, we are coming for you! Anyway.

After the hurricane passed, Shane and I decided it was in good taste to attend the only Disney park that's allowed to mock natural disasters, Typhoon Lagoon. It was obviously still completely intact post-hurricane, and perfectly sunny for October. We were there for the tanning but unfortunately it's getting a little cold to spend the whole day in a lazy river. So in the evening we went to Magic Kingdom to buy matching shirts and watch the very last Main Street Electrical Parade with Sabrina and Eric. It's supposed to be going to Disneyland but it won't have started by the time I visit.

Shane is watching the sun set on good
weather for water parks.
I've never camped out for the Main Street Electrical before.
I guess I never will again?
On the 14th, I was reunited briefly with my favourite Fairy from the Disney Fantasy, Alex! She returned from her homeland of the UK to go back for another contract on the Disney Fantasy, so Matt, Mike and I fetched her from the airport, brought her to Chick Fil-A (not generally available onboard a ship) and brought her to the Polynesian resort, where we found other crew members, to watch HalloWishes from the beach. No pictures, but I'm sure no one wants to by photographed after so many consecutive hours of flight. More of Alex to come though!

On the 15th, I brought Nicole and Patrick to Sanaa for their first time. We obviously ordered the overwhelmingly incredible bread service, which totally won over Nicole and Patrick, as did the constant outdoor bonfire and animals. Nicole actually went back less than a week later, so it must be love.

On the 16th, I attended Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party for the second time, courtesy of Kara but with her sister Devyn, Mandy, and Louise. We took many picture with the infamous purple wall of Magic Kingdom, so this was definitely an event that was well-documented. We took in the Boo to You Parade twice, and had front row to the final Hocus Pocus Spelltacular show of the evening. We also looked totally gorgeous obviously.

So... can you guess my costume?

OH HEY BOSS we're not partying it's fine.

The most spooktacular crew around.

On the 23rd, I attended my only round of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal for the season. I didn't even have to drive, since I attended with fellow driver Mandy and Devyn. We met Nick Kush there, and he's kind of an expert and enthusiast on Horror Nights, so collectively we got through five houses I think, American Horror Story was absolutely the best. When we weren't being jump-scared to death, mine was the group screaming "YAS GAGA" in admiration of the well-done "Hotel" sequence.

Who's ready to get spoopy at HHN?

October 26th, as friends, family and fans know, was my 32nd birthday! I didn't really have much of a plan, so I gathered up some of my favourite people to do a Four Parks Challenge. Well, less of a "challenge" and more of a "things Lindsey likes at all four parks". We started at Animal Kingdom and did Festival of the Lion King and Kilimanjaro Safaris (and two Starbucks stops), then went to Epcot for lunch at Sunshine Seasons, a ride on Soarin and Living with the Land, then a quick detour to Norway to ride Frozen TWICE (which I haven't ridden since its first week), before stopping by Canada and then to Hollywood Studios. Sorry Studios, we kind of short-changed you with only riding Toy Story Midway Mania and visiting Starbucks before leaving you for Magic Kingdom, but... we were running out of time. We got to Magic Kingdom in time to experience the Enchanted Tiki Room, Country Bear Jamboree, have dinner at Pecos Bill's and ride Peter Pan's Flight (as well as pose for birthday posse pictures to be seen soon!) before heading home, because I'm 32 now and I just wanted to go to bed. It was still over twelve hours, and it was one of my most magical birthdays ever. Thanks for your company, support, and friendship, crew.

My amazing birthday crew at Animal Kingdom.

My slightly different crew at Hollywood Studios

At midnight after my birthday, it was suddenly Sabrina's birthday! She celebrated by going to work and we met her later for my third round of Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. I believe Sabrina's sole objective was to have front row viewing for all four Hocus Pocus shows, and she definitely accomplished it. Jen and I broke off for much trick or treating and some hub grass relaxing, but we were all reunited for the last Hocus Pocus show of the evening. It was my third time celebrating Halloween since September 2nd, so by the time actual Halloween came around, I was ready for the next thing.

The frightful friends, absolutely on point.
On Saturday, October 29th, Matt and I made our glorious return to the Disney Fantasy while it was parked (docked?) at Cape Canaveral, and this time Mike was able to come to. We were again, visiting the fabulous Alex, who was covered in (figurative) pixie dust as usual. The atrium was totally decked out for Halloween, featuring a giant spooky Halloween tree. Alex said that when Guests come on board, then get to plant a seed on the Halloween tree, and then by the end of the cruise, their seeds will have blossomed. Into what, I don't know, but the tree was dead-looking and naked when we arrived. There were also Mickey pumpkins everywhere along the railings of the atrium, and many portholes had either cobwebs or Jack-O-Lantern faces. I appreciated it, as an October baby and Halloween fan. This time, we were able to see the Royal Court restaurant a little more than last time, and we spent a little lazy time dipping our feet in the Satellite Falls pool on the uppermost deck, which was still very warm for the end of October (even for Florida, I promise). A beautiful day in a decadent environment, it was glorious.

Alex and I with the Fantasy's Halloween Tree!

The entrance to the Royal Court restaurant.

Me and fairies Alex and Laura
Although I'm excited to go to Disneyland very soon, I'm sad to end this post on a sad note. Yesterday was Shane's last day of his CRP. I think he was more excited to dye his hair finally than anything else, but our favourite leaders showed up at our cart to say some very nice/very sarcastic things and present Shane with both his certificate of completion and his trainer certificate. We took a lot of pictures, had a lot of laughs, and shed a few tears (ok mostly me), and we saw him again that night for his throw out with bright blond hair. See you at Christmas, Shane! Bring me a job? Thanks.

See you real soon!


Magical Moment: So I was at the cart alone yesterday and someone called out my full name. It turns out it was a lovely former cast member named Laura who had started her program two weeks after mine had ended, and she had read my blog. Is this what celebrities feel like? Cuz that's how I'm feeling. 

Pixie Dust to: Mom, Grandma, Kim and Kristin especially for the birthday mail. I love mail. 

Friday, October 7, 2016

We are Part of a Pattern about to Unfold

Hello friends,
Everyone I know and care about in central Florida is safe and sound for like the millionth time this year. Much rain, many wind, Hurricane Matthew, WOW, we're all good here. It's pretty cool to be here for park history though; we've only been closed something like four times since we opened in 1971. I'm enjoying my lazy time, although I wasn't supposed to work today anyway. 
Moving on. I know it's been awhile. Let's blame the hurricane for this one, and bless it for giving me the time indoors to work on it. At least, that's what I'm going with. 

Yesterday (October 6th), the (Disney) world was preparing for the onslaught of the hurricane, and I was preparing to say goodbye to my lovely friend Laura, as it was her last day at Hollywood Studios. Nicole had moved her into All Star Music that morning (long lines everywhere, #hurricaneproblems) before meeting me at Hollywood Studios. The parking attendant driving the tram reminded us that all parks were closing at 5pm as we put on our rain gear for the fourth time that day. No matter. We still managed to do Toy Story Midway Mania one last time (neither of us could beat our current scores), as well as Rockn Roller Coaster and arguably the best Frozen Sing-Along I have ever witnessed (and we all know I've seen it frequently). We also got PB&J milkshakes at Prime Time Cafe before saying goodbye at 4pm, when Laura headed back for possibly another bonus night at All Stars, as her flight to BC had been delayed. Safe travels, Snow White, say no to apple slices on the plane.

Pre-Hurricane Princesses taking on Toy Story

Nicole and I spent the entire evening indoors with more snacks than were absolutely necessary, and basically it just rained all evening and we woke up to a lot of wind this morning. We're now allowed to leave our housing complex if we so desire... but I don't.
The highlight of my day before the storm (October 5th) was braving Target after work with fellow merchie Nick. About half the customers in Target were in their Disney work costumes like us and it was basically super chill, except there wasn't much bread left. You should've seen the Walmarts and Publix though. Eerie. I also was a champion and filled my car with gas while it was still cheap. So clever, so prepared.

Times are tough in Target.
October 1st, for those in the know, is a rather important date around here. Magic Kingdom, and Disney World as a while, opened its door for the first time on October 1st, 1971 (Disney history is the only history my brain retains), and 11 years later, Epcot opened on October 1st, 1982. Magic Kingdom was celebrating its 45th anniversary and Epcot was celebrating its 34th (does everyone remember my picture for Epcot's 30th? I do.). Magic Kingdom had a whole hullabaloo going on, but Epcot was celebrating too. Costumed Cast Members were permitted to proudly sport the Magic Kingdom 45th anniversary button, and sneaky costumes CMs like myself also wore Epcot anniversary buttons. I'm not saying 34 is a particularly big number, but you better believe every year is worth celebrating. There were cupcakes available for us but sadly every merchie I knew started work well before distribution.

To be fair, Disney Look says we can have two
additional prices of flair...

September 30th was Princess Laura's last day at Animal Kingdom. I met her and Emma there for two more rounds of Festival of the Lion King (three rounds for them, I slept in), too many more rounds of Expedition Everest, and one last Finding Nemo: the Musical (quite possibly the most underappreciated attraction at that park). Expedition Everest though. I'm glad I'm capable of doing it, but it doesn't mean I have to like it.

Laura and I in the second row, Emma behind us.
Moose antlers frighten Yetis. 

On September 28th, I spend an day unexpectedly bonding with my adopted attractions child, Emma. We went to Magic Kingdom mostly for show purposes, as Emma is an excellent photog and Mickey's Royal Friendship Fair, as well as Festival of Fantasy, is her jam. More unexpectedly, Harmony Barbershop had an empty chair when I checked in upon arrival, so I got a bonus haircut and more pixie dust than anyone (even me) could imagine. Emma got it too, and as far as I know it's still in her hat. We then spent some time being basic Magic Kingdom girls in the hub grass with our pixie dust and Starbucks, before round 1 of Mickey's Royal Friendship Fair. There's a new Fall song and Fall-themed costumes, so beautiful. If you want to see actual good pictures of it, here's Emma's instagram. Go nuts. Emma experienced the joy that is Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room before the next MRFF presentation, but sadly it turned into a sing-along due to inclement weather. We rode the People Mover twice (rerides are my favourite) before seeking out a location for Festival of Fantasy. There weren't much to be had, and the weather was creeping up on us (as it does in Florida), but we still enjoyed it from Main Street. We then decided Florida Mall was a great idea for some reason, but I did need a Lush run and we just had to check out the Disney Store, so no regrets. 
Pixie dust: check, Starbucks: check...

Purple wall: Check.
Want a great purple wall picture? Be Emma's mum.

On September 25th, I returned to Blizzard Beach for the first time since the Spring. Shane, Louise and I were there mostly for lazy river and tanning purposes, but we did sneak in a few rounds of Teamboat Springs, and Shane braved Summit Plummet without us. We packed up when it started to rain. It's always starting to rain.
It's been several months and this hole still hasn't been fixed...

On September 23rd, I went to Disney University to attend a Disney Ambassadors session. Basically our current 2015-2016 ambassadors are on their way out, as 2017-2018 ambassadors have been selected, so they're giving weekly or twice-weekly talks at Disney University for fun. This one was entitled "We Create Happiness" and basically it felt like Traditions crammed into an hour. It was magical. It was nice to be reminded of why I was there, and it was nice to get a selfie with the ambassadors (the one visited our pavilion for Canada Day, so it's my second with him).

Basically, the Ambassadors were psyched to meet ME. 
On September 22nd, I was so briefly reunited with my dear Anastasia from Ottawa and from my last program. We were supposed to attend a Mickey's Not So Scary Party together on the 20th but alas, Food and Wine means shifts longer than one can imagine, and I couldn't attend. Regretfully, we forgot to take a picture, but we did have a great time buying ALL THE THINGS at Cast Connection. Welcome back to the Blue ID club, Asia!

September 20th was Kara's last day of work with us in merchandise. Coincidentally, earlier in the week she regained a proper nametag with her actual name on it, as well as her one-year Steamboat Willie pin, as she got a glorious month-long extension. Her farewell celebration/funeral was super low-key the way she wanted it, and sadly all of us were doomed to stay at work well into the evening, because Food & Wine.

Kara puts the FUN in FUNERAL.
(Did I use this last time for Kevin?)
Shall we stand like Irish dancers?
Yes, please!
Luckily, the day before, we were able to have a half-proper last Magic Kingdom all together. I mean, it was bucketing down rain as it usually is, but we had dinner, we rode a few rides, we caught like half of Wishes since they were delayed, we got a bunch of great pictures, and we didn't have to be at work to be doing it.

On September 18th, I spent quality senior citizen time with Shane. We went to Olive Garden way before even the early dinner crowd (because buy one, take one Olive Garden is life), and we went to Universal. We made it with probably two hours left at Islands of Adventure, but it's ok because this is what annual passholders do. We still rode Hulk twice, Jurassic Park once and Spiderman once, then when we got kicked out we went to the new restaurant on City Walk called The Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savoury Feast Kitchen (basically it's what you'd imagine a chocolate factory ought to be like) for milkshakes containing probably more calories than your human should consume in a day. Not to worry. Neither of us could finish.

The Hulk does great things for your hair.
Shane is lucky he had a hat.

I also went to Universal on September 17th, because why not, and also I was with Matt, who had celebrated a birthday the day before! We attended the Barney stage show for the first time each, because obviously it was raining, and we explored Fievel's Playland for the first time for me. I was always under the impression that it was exclusively for children, but it turns out there's a waterslide in there for kids of all ages, and these kids were already damp from rain so we didn't mind at all.

The sign says something about "Wet Britches" and is correct. 
You better believe we were the first two in line.

Fingers crossed for the end of inclement weather!

See you real soon!


Magical Moment: When Emma and I were at MK, a Photopass photographer approached us and gave her a few times about her fancy pants camera. This was all well over my head, but he did take some great hub grass pictures for us as well!

Pixie Dust to: Everyone from the homeland (or otherwise) who checked on my well-being during the hurricane. It's a pretty weird thing when Facebook asks you to check in twice in as 'Safe' in less than a year. 

Friday, September 9, 2016

Chase the Wind and Touch the Sky

Guess who's caught up on her blog again? It's actually taken days, you guys. Enjoy my epic few weeks as much as I did. You'll definitely need a nap.

This whole insane business of weeks of plans starts on Monday, August 15th, with a trip to Universal with Kevin. When you know enough people who go to Universal, and you go to Universal enough, you pick up really handy tips and tricks which makes your trips more efficient, especially if your trip ends up being Kevin's last. We found a completely legit if not totally morally sound way to take advantage of Universal's Guest Services wherein we had to do very little waiting in line. It did bucket down rain on us as some form on vengeance, but we were packing ponchos like the park professionals that we are. We conquered all of Seuss Landing (for Kevin for the first time), as well as both Harry Potter rides and anything else that didn't make us sick, including the new Skull Island: Reign of Kong, which doesn't even HAVE an ExpressPass (FastPass...) line.  I've never attended Universal so late in the day or stayed so long, but it definitely worked out for the best. I'm better at theme parks now than I am at anything else. It's a very niche skillset. 

Rides that don't make us sick: Kang and Kodos Twirl and Hurl.
The irony. 
Four days later on Friday, August 19th, Mike and I met Matt at Universal for a Universal Orlando Annual Passholder Event. Basically they kept all of Islands of Adventure open for us, as well as the Hogwarts Express and Escape from Gringott's, open until midnight, long after the park was closed to the general public. We did Spiderman, Jurassic Park twice, Escape from Gringott's, The Hulk, as well as dinner AND our free Jurassic Park photo. We had our own boat. Matt and I are princesses. Mike is just too scared. It'll be great, and I'll share it when I can.

We're Annual Passholders. That makes us SPECIAL. 
On Sunday, August 21, Kevin and I used up his Holiday Celebration Dining Coupon at Kona Cafe in the Polynesian Resort (the best steak is half-off steak), then rode Seven Dwarves Mine Train twice c/o Disney magic. I took no photos. I am a failure.

On Monday, August 22, I saw my friend Jackie and her family (her sister and Mom), as well as Jackie's former roommate Pernille from Norway and our friend Ashley for a grand Disney reunion at Olive Garden. It was a surplus of carbs and love.

I know better than this. A dress is appropriate for Olive Garden
as it allows more space for breadsticks.
Wednesday, August 24th was a well-deserved rest day for me. I joined Jackie and her family at their resort, Port Orleans French Quarter, for several hours of pool time. Jackie and I were granted permission by a lifeguard to play in the Port Orleans splashpad and we were all about it. I didn't have to say goodbye to Jackie and her family right then. The next day I was at Magic Kingdom for dinner with my arrival squad (happy seven months to us), and I managed to see the Greens one more time. Sabrina (Jackie's sister)'s hair was still in tact. I was very proud.

Sometimes, the Sunshine State pulls through with some sunshine. 
Making magic for as many months as
Snow White has dwarves. 
Friday, August 26th, was mine and Kevin's super long social day. My theory was that if we spent enough consecutive time together, it would be easier to send him back to Canada when the time came (spoiler alert, he leaves in this post). We were up literally at the crack of dawn to get on a housing bus for a trip to Clearwater. I actually never have visited any of the Florida beaches before so to both get off Disney property and into the Gulf of Mexico was absolutely glorious. We got four hours of beautiful beach and ocean (and lunch from housing), in which we saw a dolphin, found the beach's sand bars, discovered that the Gulf is actually saltier than we are, and generally got spooked by the amount of ocean wildlife. After the eight hours of beach/bus time together, we decided to hang out some more, and went to Hollywood Studios (after a nap, because 0730 is hard). We did the Frozen Sing-Along and tried to get into Fantasmic, but it was standing room only so we bailed and went to the Star Wars fireworks instead. Hollywood Studios closed at 9 after the fireworks, and we still didn't have enough time, so we went to see Pete's Dragon at Disney Springs. After that it was midnight so our marathon friendship day was over. Siiiiigh. Feelings don't stay in my face the way they used to.

SNOW-one is happy about Kevin leaving.

Saturday August 27th was a marathon and a half of a park day, and that's coming from me. Matt and I, with our friends Kaz, Will and Ashley started off our day at Animal Kingdom with a return to a ride I haven't tried in over four years - Expedition Everest. I only did it because we bothered to wait in the standby line, and while I still don't love it, I can now tolerate it [side note: Remember when I did Star Tours 29 times in a day? Yeah I can't do it more than once now. Bodies change.].
We then moved it over to Epcot, where we visited the boss, his lady, and their friend Goofy, before having lunch at Electric Umbrella and spending some quality time with Kaz's manatee friends at the Seas. We quickly made it around World Showcase starting in Mexico, so we could attend my first but Kaz and Matt's millionth British Revolution show, before riding new Soarin and heading to Magic Kingdom. Shoutout to Matt for being the driver for the day. I like my independence but I also don't mind being driven around. We were joined by Mike and we caught the Main Street Electrical Parade, as it is Disney dying next month, as well as Wishes and several attractions I can't 100% remember cuz it's been awhile since this actually happened, guys. I remember lying down on Main Street because my back hurt and the street is hot and felt amazing. Old people problems. It was awesome, amazing, exhausting but magical times, and I'd do it again for these wonderful humans in a heartbeat.

Guess which one of us was never a Cast Member.
...And one with the lady boss. 
After work on Sunday the 28th, I took a nap during Ellen's Energy Adventure (it's 37 minutes of slowly moving vehicle in air-conditioning... you try not napping) while waiting for Kevin and Kara to finish their shifts. We went to Hollywood Studios for one more round of Toy Story Midway Mania, and to honour our recently departed Kristin, one more round of Fantasmic. All was successful, no one slipped and fell, and Steak & Shake was had afterwards. Sadly, I didn't take any pictures all night again. Blogger Fail.

On Monday, August 29th, I met Jodey and Tori, lumberjacks from 2012-13, at Animal Kingdom in the rain before heading off together to Fort Wilderness. We had booked dinner at the Hoop De Doo Revue, and I think it was booked almost six months in advance. We raised the roof by getting ridiculously full on mashed potatoes and sangria, and were probably just slightly too amused by the Pioneer Hall Players' bear puns. You know I am all about puns. Tori and Jodey went to Magic Kingdom to continue their day, and I met my current Canadians at Epcot for Kevin's last viewing of IllumiNations, which usually in us triggers closing duty anxiety. Oh yeah, and I took the C bus home for the first time in probably four years. Didn't I mention sangria at Hoop De Doo? I'm the face of responsibility, people. 

We didn't plan to match so well, but we did plan the
Jodey and Tori can "bear"ly take another bite. 

So Tuesday, August 30 was probably the saddest day so far, and definitely the reason why I've been hesistant to update my blog. It was Kevin's last day working with us. And it was sad. We gathered at the Canada cart just after opening for kind/not so kind words from our leaders, and for Kevin to get his completion and trainer certificates. If you've been keeping track, I've never actually been working/in costume during a farewell. This was the first. It means I'm moving on up, for better or worse. Luckily I had a break right after so I could take some time to pull my face back together and make it through my work day. As was exceptionally appropriate, it was bucketing down rain when Kevin clocked out as we made our way to Magic Kingdom. Luckily, the rain scared everyone away, so the park was ours for the evening. We did Peter Pan's Flight, Seven Dwarfs' Mine Train, People Mover, Space Mountain at least twice, and obviously we had to watch a particularly sad last Wishes. 

The remarkable thing about this photo is that I'm wearing my vest. 
On Friday, September 2nd, which is apparently Fall according to the Walt Disney Company, Nicole and I attended the year's first Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party at Magic Kingdom. We didn't have a lot of foresight regarding costume planning, but in my humble opinion we managed to pull together pretty decent Disney Bounds as Elsa and Anna. Our hair was the best part. We arrived and were immediately greeted with spooky lights and music and fall decor, and as far as I was concerned it was most definitely late October. We got our trick or treat bags and went to Tomorrowland, where we found Lotso bear posing for photos. That had to happen. We went through a trick or treat line for more snacks before going to Storybook Circus to find Donald, Daisy and Minnie in their Halloween costumes. We also met Jafar, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Aurora and Tiana, as well as Belle and Gaston together. We had a mandatory jaunt through the super spoopy Haunted Mansion. We took in the Halloween edition stage show, the Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular, hosted obviously by the Sanderson sisters from Hocus Pocus. We found some special Not So Scary merchandise, and we headed home, very very tired but with so much candy and joy. I'll be going again on September 20th, so keep your eyes peeled for that. 

Anna, Elsa, and their purveyor of Frozen
drinks/roommate Kailyn.
The morning of Monday, September 5th, I met my dear friend Anna for breakfast at the 1900 Park Fare. We had buffet breakfast with our other friends (maybe you know them?) Pooh Bear, Tigger, Alice, Mary Poppins and the Mad Hatter (who was very supportive of the amount of tea required today). Anna and I met on my last program and she's just left the company to do a Disney English program in China, and then who knows what fabulous adventures thereafter. She may or may not be under a tremendous amount of pressure to to send me mail from the Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tokyo Disney Parks throughout her journeys. I then hoofed it to Epcot where I had another celebration to attend. Kara, having been granted an extension on her program, was celebrating her one year anniversary with Walt Disney World, so we celebrated with lunch at Le Cellier. Congratulations Kara, I look forward to a few more weeks of sass before we are temporarily separated again.

We have to breakfast at the Grand Floridian.
The quantity of cute won't fit elsewhere. 
We are Cu-Teas. Get it?
Finally (for this post), on Tuesday, September 6th, I attended a Disney Vacation Club Member Event at Animal Kingdom with Shane, Shellby and Kara. The park was kept open late exclusively for DVC Members and their guests. We were given a special FastPass for a late night Kilimanjaro Safari, as well as many vouchers to pay the various games (like Whack-A-Mole-style), in which everyone won a plush dinosaur (okay so I didn't win my own but that's irrelevant). We were given access to all the ice cream, chips, cookies and lemonade we could handle, and we had to ride Primeval Whirl to see what we could or couldn't handle. We also saw Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps from Zootopia leaving their dance party. I called after Nick Wilde and told him that he was my Spirit Animal. He responded by drawing me an air heart and blowing me kisses. It was wonderful times. 

Four Canadians, Four dinosaurs, one dangerous selfie.

That's really and sincerely it for this post. I hope no one gave up reading it as frequently as I have up writing it.

See you real soon!


Magical Moment: I was visited in my store on Thursday by my darling friends Zach Angel and Alex Fanning. I was so happy to see these two magical and delightful humans that I fully cried onstage. I told you, the feelings just don't stay in the way they used to. My eyeliner is constantly in danger.

Pixie Dust to: Both Clare and Angela for sending me magical mail this week. It's fun to make magic, and it's fun to have it made for you.

I'm out.